Tuesday, 9 March 2010

A Reply to "Been Thinnking" Post

This is one of the reply that i got for the "Been Thinking" Post.
Found it useful..

You prayed to stop the rain. Someone else ( like a farmer or an agriculturist) prayed wanting the rain. Two conflicting prayer requests to God. God has all the power and authority to make His decision to whom He would answer.
Praying with authority is good. But the motives also play a part I believe. You got stuck in the rain. You wanted to go. It was for "you". When Jesus stopped the winds, it was for "Others" ( the disciples who were afraid). Whenever he commanded the spirit or the sickness to leave the prayer was for "others". But when he prayed in the Gethsemane to remove the bitter vessel (Cross) it was for "him". And God DID NOT ANSWER even Jesus' prayer in a positive way.
Praying for others; Living for others. That is God's plan for his disciples. Only few know that. Among them only few try to follow that to a certain extent. Otherwise we all live for ourselves. "Egocentric" !

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