Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Has the Lord Finished His Conversation?

We live in a Fast Food age. When we finish our work or do our work faster we are considered smarter. People rush everything now a day. Even their quite time with the Lord.

As I read Genesis 18:33, Abraham sets us an example of how your time with God should be.
Genesis 18;33 says “When the Lord has finished his conversation with Abraham, he went on his way and then Abraham returned to his tent”.

I find it interesting that the Lord finished his conversation with Abraham and left first and then Abraham went about doing his duty. Many times we rush out of our prayer time once we have finished talking not waiting for the Lord to finish his conversation. Can we learn from Abraham to stay long enough for God to finish speaking? Let us not rush out. Let us slow down. Has the Lord finished speaking to you Today?

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