Monday, 12 January 2009

Reasons to Praise God from psalms 103

Do you struggle to find reasons to praise God...Here is a Psalm that will help you praise HIM better..

Reasons to praise God ( Taken from psalms 103)

1. He forgives all your sin V3a
2. He heals all your disease V3b
3. He redeems your life from pit V4a
4. He crowns you with love and compassion V4b
5. He satisfies your desires with good things V5a
6. He renews your strength like eagle V5b
7. He, the LORD works righteousness V6a
8. He provides justice for all the oppressed V6b
9. He makes known His ways and His deeds to His People V7
10. He is compassionate and gracious, slow to anger, abounding in love V8
11. He will not harbor his anger forever V9
12. He does not treat us as our sins deserve or repay us according to our iniquities V10
13. So great is his love for those who fear him V11

14. As far as the east is from the west, so far has he removed our transgressions from us. V12
15. He knows we are weak V14
16. For his everlasting love and righteousness V17
17. For His established throne and Since He alone rules over all V19

Wednesday, 7 January 2009

The WORD...

How a does a person share his thoughts, his plans and his message to others?
Through words.
How a does God share his thoughts, his plans and his message to us?
Through the Word.
That’s why john introduces Jesus as the Word in the very first chapter. Jesus is the Word of God, meaning he is the one that reveals God’s thoughts and plans to us.
So meditate on Jesus, his work, his power, his characters. As you meditate more you understand God’s plan for you.
Thank God we have the WORD.
John 1;14-The Word became flesh and made his dwelling among us.

Songs in the "Night"

Every one goes through “night” phases in their life. What does night symbolizes. Darkness.
We all go through such dark periods.
But there is great difference in how a Christ follower reacts and how all others react.
A person who follows Christ will be able to sing and rejoice in the darkest phase of his life because the LORD enables him and empowers him to do so.
Job 35:10 says “Who gives songs of rejoicing in the night”. Yes he gives songs of rejoicing even in the night or dark periods of our life. Bible has so many examples for such songs. David sang when he was chased by Saul.

But the most familiar example for most of us is found in Acts 16:25
“But about midnight, as Paul and Silas were praying and singing hymns of praise to God, and the [other] prisoners were listening to them”
“About Midnight”…Midnight is the darkest time in a night. Yes it was the darkest period for Paul and Silas, yet they were able to sing hymns of praise. Was it their own strength? No it was God who enabled them. Psalms 8;2 says “From the lips of children and infants You have ordained praise”. So God is the one who enable us to praise. Next time when you are tempted to say am not able to praise remember He is the one who enables you to praise.
Ok. What happens when you praises. There are different answers to that question. But one answer is it silences the mouth of the enemy-the Devil. Do you want the proof? See psalms 8:2 again “to silence the foe and the avenger”. When you praise it shuts the mouth of the devil. So to shut his mouth of all negative and discouraging comments he gives you start praising the LORD. Now its not easy for you to guess what Daniel would have done in the lions Den. Just praising God.
So Praise God And shut up the lion's mouth....


As you have entered this New Year, i dont know all the plans God has for me and you, but i would like to remind you one Verse from the bible that encouraged me a lot.

For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. Jeremiah 29:11

Though we may not know what this year holds for us, how encouraging is to know that HE KNOWS. Since HE KNOWS lets just follow HIM
Wishing you all a Fruitful Year Ahead!!!!!!

Closed Doors...

Bang! Bang! Bang!Have you heard the sound of door that closes? I believe every one of us have heard it. Many of us have been behind closed doors. Some of you are still behind one. Doors of guilt, doors of rejection, doors of hatred, doors of sickness, doors of broken relationships, doors of broken hopes and shattered dreams and the list never end.You are shameful of the past and fearful of the future.No joy. No peace. No hope. Closed Doors!!!They are hard to deal and hard to heal. May be you tried to open them with your friends, with entertainment, with your soul mate, with your job, with your knowledge and you failed. (None of these keys suits)I would like to turn your attention to a bunch of men who were behind a closed door. They lost their Hope. They were filled with fear. They were guilty.Yes their King was crucified. Yes their loyalties were tested. Yes they ran from the One who was their Hope. They betrayed Him. They had a heavy heart. They couldn’t forgive themselves. They couldn’t face themselves. How could they face their Master?Have you ever been there!Roaring and bold like a lion Once, Scared of the roaring lion Now.Running for God Once! Running from God Now!Bang! Bang! Bang! And suddenly you are behind the Closed Door!Lets come back to the those bunch of men behind the Closed door.As they were there in behind the door, Jesus came in. The door was still closed. But Jesus still could come in. Not to condemn them, not to scare them (though they were scared), not to prove them they are guilty (though all was right to do), but to say “Peace be with you” or be at peace with God again because I have taken away your sins!!Today God enters your closed Door and pronounces these words to your trouble hearts “Peace be with you” because he is the Prince of peace.No door can stop Jesus! Not even the door of Grave!!Next time you see a closed door, let it remind you of the Carpenter who walks through it!!!

Note: Am happy to inform you that this article was published in the Christian Messenger Magazine...Praise God!!

Change is inevitable!!!!

Change is inevitable!!!! Day in and Day out we have to deal with changes. Here is one more change to deal with!! As American president elect Obama puts it "Change we believe in" i have also changed my blog. I believe this year i will be regular in my blogging. So please do drop in often.


Back to Jerusalem

It was a journey of seven miles. But it seemed like 70 miles for the two. That was because they were disappointed and their hope was lost.Haven’t you felt the same when you walked back to home after a failure? The road seems long. The path seems tough. You don’t run. You don’t even walk but you crawl. Yes the road of disappointment is long. When your only hope is crushed your walk seems tough.That is what exactly happened to Cleopas and his friend as they walked along the road to Emmaus from Jerusalem.Look at their face. They were sad and downcast.Hear their words as they say “But we were hoping that it was He Who would redeem and set Israel free”“They were hoping”. So now their hope is gone. So they started walking back to their old place from Jerusalem.These two disciples were hoping that Jesus would save Israel, but when Jesus died, their Hope was gone. So from the protected, holy city of God, they walked down the path of disappointment to their old lives.We all walk such road, isn’t it? One disappointment and we show our back to God. When our Hope is lost we start walking back the road of disappointment and we tend to go back to our old lives.But this evening as I read this passage I saw what I didn’t see all these days.As these disciples were walking back with shattered hope, they were not alone. Because the 15th verse tells us “Jesus Himself caught up with them and was already accompanying them.Did you see that word? No? Ok one more chance...Now read the sentence slowlyJesus Himself caught up with them and was already accompanying them. (That word is highlightedJ)Yes the Word is “Already”Oh how wonderful is our Lord. He was already walking down the road of disappointment with them even before they saw him.May be today the road that you are walking is tough, but remember He is “Already” walking with you. Not only He walked with them, but he changed their direction of journey. He changed their disappointing journey into a journey of Hope. Look at this verse “And rising up that very hour, they went back to Jerusalem”.A few hours back they were walking away from Jerusalem, but after Jesus walked with them and talked with them they were walking towards Jerusalem.A few hours back they were disappointed, but now they were filled with Hope.Whatever may be the road you are traveling and whatever may be the distance you are away from the city of Hope, the One who walked still walks and the One who talked still talks. See Him and Hear Him. Your life won’t be the same again. Theirs weren’t.Luke 24:15 And while they were conversing and discussing together, Jesus Himself caught up with them and was already accompanying them. (Amplified Bible)Luke 24:33 And rising up that very hour, they went back to Jerusalem…

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