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Music has almost become a synonym to worship now a days. When people say we will worship our Lord, they always have music in their mind. There are so many worship services where music plays a major part. But worship is not about filling up for the silence. Your sincere silence could become a sacred worship before God. The art of worshiping God silently is vanishing. We now a days dance, shout, jump, make noise and we worship (or Do We?).
I was reading about a woman in the bible who came to Jesus and worshiped Him without a word. She used tears, kisses, breaking a costly perfume. She worshipped Jesus with her Works rather than her words. She reverently kissed the feet of the Lord. Did you notice the paradox here? Reverently kissed. Reverently feared and reverently stood at a distance, may make sense. But reverently kissed?
Well the word used for worship in the Old Testament is Barak and in the New Testament is Proskuneo.
Baw-rak - To kneel or to bow. To give reverence to God as an act …

Topi Valas


Kissed Or Kicked!!

Recently I heard a story about a son who returned home after living a wayward life. And the reaction of the Father made my heart sink. His father kicked him out of his home again.
As I heard this story, my heart immediately remembered the parable of the prodigal son. Thanks to Dr. Luke, who is the only gospel writer to pen down this famous parable of Jesus.
Two fathers. Same situation. Different reaction.

One father KICKED his wayward son away. Another father KISSED his wayward son and brought him home. And I thank God that I have a Father in heaven who kissed me when I came back home.

We have all had wayward times in our lives. But then we have a Father, a perfect Father who is ready to RUN to us and Kiss us and not Kick us out. Aren’t you glad that we have a Loving Father?