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The God Jesus Believed In

What kind of God did Jesus believe in? Have you ever thought about this question? 
Let me give you some examples so that you get an idea: 
God is a Father - Jesus referred to God as a Father more than 200 times in the gospels.  God is good - No one is good except God alone ( Luke 18:19) God is all powerful - with God all things are possible ( Matt: 19:  26) God is one - ... Lord is one (Mark 12:28)  God is holy - holy father ( John 17:11)  God is all knowing - your father knows what you need before you ask him (Matt 6:8) God as one who can be known - that they may know you the only true God ( John 17)
The list goes on and on...
The image of God whom who believe in will shape your image ... So what kind of a God you believe in? 
Take time to think about it... 

Jesus Appreciates!