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Too Familiar

Recently I was diagnosed with a disease by the Great Physician. You may also be familiar with it. The disease – Familiarity. We tend to become too familiar of the things and people around us. The result, life becomes very boring. You don’t learn anything new because you think you already know it. “Familiarity breeds contempt” is a familiar saying. When, you are too familiar with something, you tend to stop appreciating it. The sense of awe fades away. That too when you are familiarity is with Jesus, it’s a great problem. This was the problem of the people who lived in Nazareth. They had this disease of familiarity. They thought they knew Jesus very well. When the news about Jesus was spreading fast “is he not the carpenter?” is what they said. “He made our table and chairs” said one. “He made a beautiful door for us” said another. “He is just a carpenter. We know Jesus very well” was their claim. But they didn’t know him. For them he was just a maker of table and chairs. But in realit…

Face - Down Before God!!

Today has been one of those incredibly lonely days. It has been a day of being misunderstood and misrepresented, a day when those I loved the most seem the farthest away. The other reason today has been so difficult and lonely is that I have also failed my friends and family. I have misunderstood and misrepresented them and in that I am certainly not like Jesus. So God forgive me and make me more like Jesus. These days don’t come often but when it comes it’s a bit tough to get through.

But I wanted to see how Jesus handled his lonely days and moments in life.

I read about Jesus’ lonely battle in Gethsemane. He was afraid. He was confused. He was lonely. He didn’t want to do what he was about to do. His friends were snoring while his sweat was turning into blood. If you were there, you could hear is deep sigh. His voice was shaky. He was lying face down. But face down before God. There he received strength for the cross. His situation and loneliness got worse but he became stronger. So …