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Praying for a Sensitive Heart!!

As I stood on the pulpit that morning, my heart was heavy. Heavy because of unforgiveness. The previous night as I was preparing for leading worship the next morning, in the middle of it, I caught a fight with my grand mom. I was very much irritated and I shouted at her. Then I continued to prepare ignoring the constant urge in my heart to set things right. The next morning as I was ready to start the service, the urge still continued. As I was thinking about this, my grand mom crossed our church building as she was going somewhere else. I handed over the service to my friend (who was shocked ;)) and ran out of the church. I met my grand mom on the road and asked her to forgive me, which she gratefully did. I then ran back to the service and then started worshiping the Lord in freedom. Real service happened out of the church that day. Though I delayed the process, which is shameful, I am happy that I did it. I just remembered this incident which happened some years back. Tears of repe…