Friday, 14 October 2011

Praying for a Sensitive Heart!!

As I stood on the pulpit that morning, my heart was heavy. Heavy because of unforgiveness. The previous night as I was preparing for leading worship the next morning, in the middle of it, I caught a fight with my grand mom. I was very much irritated and I shouted at her. Then I continued to prepare ignoring the constant urge in my heart to set things right. The next morning as I was ready to start the service, the urge still continued. As I was thinking about this, my grand mom crossed our church building as she was going somewhere else. I handed over the service to my friend (who was shocked ;)) and ran out of the church. I met my grand mom on the road and asked her to forgive me, which she gratefully did. I then ran back to the service and then started worshiping the Lord in freedom. Real service happened out of the church that day. Though I delayed the process, which is shameful, I am happy that I did it. I just remembered this incident which happened some years back. Tears of repentance are sweet. Knowing that you are forgiven is sweeter. Praying that God will give me such sensitive heart even today.

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