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Thank for Thornbushes

I have been reading the book of Hosea for the past one week. This book explains Israel’s unfaithfulness towards God and God’s faithful love towards Israel. Israel like an unfaithful wife strays away from God and rejects him. God longs to bring back Israel towards Him inspite of her wayward life. And in this process, God says in Hosea 2:5, 6, “I will block her path with thorn bushes; I will wall her in so that she cannot find her way.” God says he would BLOCK her way with thorn bushes not to destroy her but so that Israel would come back to him. Out of His love God blocks. When someone puts thorn bushes on your path, you would certainly think that that person never loves you. But in this case, God, because he loves his people, blocks their way with thorn bushes. May be your life is like facing a thorn bush or a wall and you cannot find your way. May be God is the one who is orchestrating these blocks out of his love. Many times these thorn bushes keep us in the right perspective a…

The New Middle Road

This was a interesting Clip that i saw this week from Gerry True's blog. Thanks to him. I agree with what Francis says. Have a look at it ...its just 4 minutes. Let me know what you think....

Don't be Afraid!!!

Whenever God was going to do something great or reveal himself in a different way, the disciples were afraid. When the angel of God came to Zachariah the priest in the holy of holy place, he was afraid. Then the angel said, Don’t be afraid. When the same angel came to Mary, the mother of Jesus, to announce about Jesus’ birth, she was afraid. Then the angel said Don’t be afraid. When Jesus did a miracle of catching fishes that almost made the boat sink, Peter was afraid. Then Jesus said, Don’t be afraid. Then Jesus walked on water, the disciples thought he was a ghost and they were afraid. Then Jesus said, Don’t be afraid. When on the mount of transfiguration, the disciples were fearful when they saw Jesus change but Jesus said Don’t be afraid. When the disciples were in the closed room, Jesus walked through the door and the disciples were afraid again. Jesus said, don’t be afraid. Every time when God was revealing himself in a different way and outgrew the image of what they had abou…

Show Case of His Grace

After I wrote the last post I have been thinking on the other side of Jesus too. So though this may look like contradicting, it’s actually how Jesus is. Both Lion and the Lamb.
As I am just new to this Fatherhood, I am starting to notice things differently. My perspective has been changing. All these days I learnt and experienced from a son’s perspective. Now am beginning to look at the other side “the father’s perspective”. As my sons are beginning to sit and walk, they stumble and fall more often. As a father, I my first response when they fall is to run and pick them in my arms and put them over my shoulder and tell them its OK and its going to alright. I am not at all angry with them when they fall. When they fall, that’s the time that I show my love more to them than all other times. I carry them, hug them, wipe away the tears and shower my love upon them. I don’t whip them. Such imperfect father as me, show greater love when my son falls. Will the perfect heavenly Father whip …

Enraged Jesus

I have never seen a painting of Jesus with a whip in a church building. I have seen the painting of a soft gentle Jesus, Christ on cross, resurrected Jesus but not once have I seen a painting of Jesus with a whip. ( If you have seen please do let me know. I would like to visit that church).

As I read John 2, from verse 13, the 15th verse really got my attention.
So he made a whip out of cords - John 2:15. Did you see that? This is was not a sudden outrage of Jesus but He “Made” a whip tells us that this was well planned attack. He took his time to make a whip. So if Jesus who is seen calm and composed most of the time is angry at something, I think we should seriously consider what he was angry about. Jesus himself gives us the reason. “Stop turning my Father’s house into a market!”-John 2:16. Even today there are so many who market Jesus. If you have Jesus, all your problems will be gone. Want more money, Jesus will fix it for you. But it’s not true.

Only when we see Jesus face…


This is one of my earliest article which i wrote 5 years back. Came across it today and thought i would share this with you all.

Echoes …what are they? They teach us an important lesson in life. Echo, to define it in simple words, is nothing but a reply that repeats what has just been said. Once I had been to a foot of a mountain. It was not my routine to go to a solitary place like that. It was the pressures of life, the heart breaking words, the rejections, the dejections that took me to the bottom of the mountain. As I sat down beneath a tree, tears rolled down my cheek.

As I sat there thinking I was alone and free from all whom I hated, it was not so. All those painful words that were spoken came rushing back to my mind and filled them. Broken totally I just cried out in real pain in a loud voice saying "I hate you" and without missing a beat I got the reply from the mountain "I hate you". Yes it was an echo, an echo of life!!It was then it dawned to my soul …

Best Read!!!

The first book that i read this year was "A Million Miles In A Thousand Years." This is an amazing book and i enjoyed every bit of it. This book is not a knowledge transfer but a tool through which Your Life Can Change. I Recommend it. Enjoy your Read.

What story are you telling? from Rhetorik Creative on Vimeo.

Prodigal's Song

I love this song “When God Ran”, written by Phillips Craig & Dean and I love the way it is represented visually in this video. I love this because am one of the prodigals whom God ran towards. And these words of the song tell my journey with God.
“The day I left home I knew I’d broken His heart
And I wondered then if things could ever be the same
Then one night I remembered His love for me
And down that dusty road ahead I could see
It was the only time – it was the only time I ever saw Him run
With forgiveness in His voice I felt His love for me again
He ran to me, He took me in His arms
Held my head to His chest, said “My son’s come home again”
Lifted my face, wiped the tears from my eyes
With forgiveness in His voice He said, “Son”, He called me Son
He said, “Son do you know I still love you?”
I was so ashamed, all alone and so far away
But now I know He’s been waiting for this day
He ran to me, He took me in His arms
Held my head to His chest, said “My son’s come …