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God's Soldier!!!

Here is Soldier Who needs your prayers...

I am seenivasan (Name Changed) from Madurai. From a Hindu background I was saved by Jesus in the year 2002 through my classmate (During my PG studies). I accepted God’s call to be a fulltime worker when I was in Trichy in the Year 2004. I had a special burden to do ministry among the north Indians. So I started praying about it. Later, through EU Magazine I saw one article about Punjabi’s. It had an impact on me. So I started to pray to the Lord saying “God if it Your Will, please send me as a missionary to Punjab. I fervently pray for Punjabi’s from that day. Soon, I got an opportunity to go Bihar.

I discussed to my Spiritual Father Pastor. Charles victor. He counseled me to go to Bihar first, to get trained, before going to Punjab. I also got confirmation from God through Ezek 3:22. I went to Bihar to join GEMS mission and worked as a missionary teacher. I served there for 3½years and it was a good training period. During my days in bihar, I …