Thursday, 19 February 2009

God's Soldier!!!

Here is Soldier Who needs your prayers...

I am seenivasan (Name Changed) from Madurai. From a Hindu background I was saved by Jesus in the year 2002 through my classmate (During my PG studies). I accepted God’s call to be a fulltime worker when I was in Trichy in the Year 2004. I had a special burden to do ministry among the north Indians. So I started praying about it. Later, through EU Magazine I saw one article about Punjabi’s. It had an impact on me. So I started to pray to the Lord saying “God if it Your Will, please send me as a missionary to Punjab. I fervently pray for Punjabi’s from that day. Soon, I got an opportunity to go Bihar.

I discussed to my Spiritual Father Pastor. Charles victor. He counseled me to go to Bihar first, to get trained, before going to Punjab. I also got confirmation from God through Ezek 3:22. I went to Bihar to join GEMS mission and worked as a missionary teacher. I served there for 3½years and it was a good training period. During my days in bihar, I was greatly benefitted from the God given spiritual role model Bro. Augustine jebakumar. He reminded me of St. Paul.

God opened the door for me to move in to Punjab in the Year 2008 (July). During this waiting period, I learned when we wait on God he will do all things for us in correct time. As I came to Punjab God gave me a Word for my Punjab ministry (Rev 3:8 I know your deeds. See, I have placed before you an open door that no one can shut. I know that you have little strength, yet you have kept my word and have not denied my name.) I prayerfully decided to serve as a tentmaker first. So now I am working in a private school as a teacher, so that I can learn the culture, language, ministry etc. On the long run I will be in the full time ministry. Right now am working in Christian school in Punjab. In the evenings, I go to prayer cells, one Tuesday and another on Friday. During the weekend, I have preaching assignment with A.C.A(Ludhiana), IMS(Ram ha) , Kirubasanam(Ludhiana) and my school church(moga). I am spending more time to prayer, bible reading, and to learn the Punjabi and Hindi. I am creating new contacts to make good friendship with Punjabi’s. My Thoughts are filled with “Salvation for Punjab” Next year I have planned to select any five villages near my place so I can start working. I love Punjabi’s very much . Please do keep me in your prayers.

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