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The Master

I would like to introduce some of my very dear friends. Here is the first one. A cool
person!! The Master (Kumfu) He is called the Master for a number of reasons. One : He cooks well and hence is the Cooking Master Two: He is the Kumfu Master cos he goes to GYM :) ( Don't know if regularly) Three: He plays the keyboard and hence the Keyboard Master Four: he dances well so the Choreo Master Five: He send messages and our fellowship updates regularly and hence the Message Master and the reasons goes on...:) He is a very interesting and a lively person. Be with him and time flies. A very down to earth and practical friend. His loud laughter is so contiguous.
He so witty and wise. I can never forget the drive to Singapore ( not the real one but the hotel) most night and those parotta's and beefs. His Choreo with focus lights is unforgettable. He has a special ability to disappear and re appear ( Specia…

A Day at College (Remembering old memories)

Wake up
Look at your watch
Mull whether you should have a shower
Skip breakfast
Have some coffee instead
Try really waking up (After the coffee)
Steal some hot water for bathing
Get ready
Searching for my friend who gives me a lift in his break less cycle
Meet my friend who has a mouth full of bread as we leave the hostel
Get to college just on time early (Feel very proud about it)
Then realize I have forgot my notebook classroom
Rush back to hostel
Then, Run to the classroom
Reach 10 mins late
Sit down on the penultimate bench (Hoping you won't get called to answer anything in class)
Feel very tired after all the running
Sleep for the first half hour
Wake up because someone is standing near you
Realize that the staff is telling you that tomorrow is the last date for submission
You wonder which assignment the teacher is talking about
You confirm you doubts with the one sitting next you who confirms it with the next one
Realize that you have SO much to do
Feel battered and depressed (But you motivate you…

God's plan

Its Christmas Season! You might know that from my new BG. How does it look? Thanks for saying its good. ( I heard you:).
For most of us Christmas is a time of planning and executing. Churches plan their programs. People plan their travel. Youngsters plan their celebrations. Kids plan on what gifts they need. People start to plan as if they are breathing. Effortlessly!! Mary too started planning. She had been engaged to Joseph. Mary had her great dreams and plans for her wedding as any engaged virgin would have. She made a list and wrote down on whom she should invite for the wedding. She chose the color of dress she should wear. The ear rings and the bangles. The special menu for the wedding. The special gift for Joseph. She really had some beautiful plans and her planning list was a long list. But all of a sudden, her plan came to a sudden halt by God who had different plans for her life. Mary was going to have a baby before marriage. Mary feared but the angels told she was favored. S…

Been Thinking!!

How should we pray?
Today it was raining while i was coming to office. I forgot my rain coat. So i thought i will pray that rain stops. So i prayed. But the rain didnt stop. It was then i had this Strikingly odd or unusual thought.
I had this thought on how should i pray. Should i talk to Jesus (as the diciples did when they were in the boat) or Should i talk like Jesus, commad the winds and the waves to stop. Should i talk to God or Should i talk to the situation using the authority. I didnt figure it out. Still thinking about it. Any suggestions.

First Step

Been long since i posted something ... well am stressed out a bit .. lots to pen ... yet nothing working out .. seems like a block !
I know i have been in hibernation for a really long time!
Hope to bounce back soon...and this blog is my first step...:)