Saturday, 10 December 2011

Attaining the State of Unattained….

Paul in Philippians 3:12 says “Not that I have already obtained all this, or have already arrived at my goal..”

In this chapter he explains about his qualification of a Jew and the things he could boast. He had his worldly qualifications. Then he renounced everything for Knowing Christ. He had his spiritual qualifications. He has set his goal very clearly as he says “I want to know Christ”. After saying all these things he says I have not attained it yet. This was a very profound statement. This state of dissatisfaction always kept him learning and doing more things for God. 

Many today feel that they know it all. They claim to have attained all that God has for them. And in the process they are saturated. I have heard many say that they have become perfect and they have completely matured. But Paul’s attitude was that he always had some distance to cover in meeting God’s standards. This kind of attitude made Paul to always look forward for God.
So to achieve his goal what did he do?

Verse 13 says “But one thing I do: Forgetting what is behind and straining toward what is ahead”

He forgets his past achievements and his credentials. He does not allow it to bring him to a complacent state. He forgets it. What do you have to forget to know Christ? Is it your family background, or past achievements? Or is it the thought of being superior spiritually than most others? What do you have to forget?

Then he says Straining towards what is ahead. It is not just moving ahead. Its straining. It is working hard to achieving his goal of knowing Christ. Many just go around doing nothing and they want to know Christ. They want Christ to reveal himself in some extraordinary way. It will not happen. Knowing Christ involves intentional work. One has to sit long hours and take pains to study and understand the Word of God. What efforts are you taking to know Christ?
Let us like Paul attain this state unattained so that we would Achieve more for God and we would know God more intimately.

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Has the Lord Finished His Conversation?

We live in a Fast Food age. When we finish our work or do our work faster we are considered smarter. People rush everything now a day. Even their quite time with the Lord.

As I read Genesis 18:33, Abraham sets us an example of how your time with God should be.
Genesis 18;33 says “When the Lord has finished his conversation with Abraham, he went on his way and then Abraham returned to his tent”.

I find it interesting that the Lord finished his conversation with Abraham and left first and then Abraham went about doing his duty. Many times we rush out of our prayer time once we have finished talking not waiting for the Lord to finish his conversation. Can we learn from Abraham to stay long enough for God to finish speaking? Let us not rush out. Let us slow down. Has the Lord finished speaking to you Today?

Sunday, 4 December 2011

Messy yet Perfect Christmas

I Just came back from a Christmas program. Children beautifully enacted the nativity scene. Mary was happy with all her makeups and her baby doll. Joseph was standing tall as he knew what his script was. Manager scene was brilliant and as Jesus was born, the choir was singing with joy.

But the scene when it actually happened was far from what we see in the nativity scenes now a days. Mary was wailing in birth pains. Joseph was walking up and down anxiously. May be the cattle in the manger were irritated since their place was occupied by some one else. As Jesus was born, he was crying. Mary and Joseph haven’t practiced their scripts earlier. They didn’t know what was coming next. They were anxious. They were disturbed. They were drawn out of their comfort zone. Mary could have been irritated. Joseph could have cried saying “Where is God in this mess” If baby Jesus could have answered he would have said “I am here in the centre of it all” The first Christmas was a perfect one not because all the circumstance was perfect but because Jesus was in the Centre of it all. This Christmas season your circumstances may seems messy and far from perfect. You may be disturbed and brought out of your comfort zone. But just look at the centre of it all and if you could see Jesus, then you are experiencing the perfect Christmas. Let us follow HIS script this Christmas. Let Jesus be in the centre of it all. Have a Messy but a Perfect Christmas.

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