Sunday, 31 December 2017

Unknown Needs and Unknown Miracles

One of my friends asked me recently about this year. 
How was this year for you? What did the Lord do for you? Well, I did not have any concrete answer for these questions.
Then I was reminded about a passage of scripture, John 2, where Jesus attends a wedding and performs his first miracle.
In this wedding, the bride and bridegroom didn’t seem to know that they ran out of wine. In the first place, they seem to be unaware of their need. So they never approached Jesus with their need, because they did not know about it. They must have enjoyed the party and had fun unaware of the embarrassment that was waiting for them.
Many times, I am like them. I am not aware of my needs. I just think everything is fine in my life and go on having fun. 

Then, Jesus performs a miracle and even then they don’t seem to know it. (Only the servants knew what happened.) They were unaware of the Miracle that happened and just continued partying.
They did not know their need and they did not know the miracle.
But Jesus knew their need and Jesus performed the miracle.
In the year 2017, there may be some who can point to miracles in their life. Praise God for the miracles. 

But then, there are some like me who feel, everything was just normal. We were never aware of our needs and we were never aware of the miracles. Remember we survived because Jesus knew our unknown needs and performed for us many unknown miracles which we would know only after we meet God in person.

So let us take some time and thank Jesus. Thank Him for meeting our unknown needs through many unknown miracles.
He is a God who does more than all we ask or imagine (Ephesians 3:20).

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