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I do not know this Jesus!

I do not know Him! How could peter ever utter those words about Jesus? Peter knew Jesus for more than 3 years. They were really close friends. Peter was in the inner circle, watching and following Jesus very closely. His life was interwoven with the life of Jesus, that it would be impossible to explain the life of peter without Jesus. Peter knew Jesus very well. Well, atleast he thought he knew Jesus very well.
One of the early meetings with Jesus happened when peter was mending his nets. Jesus used Peter’s boat as the pulpit. Peter thought Jesus was a great teacher. Immediately after the teaching was over, Jesus miracoulsy helped peter to fill his empty nets and boat with a enormous catch of fishes. It was when Peter realized that Jesus was more than a teacher who was searching for pulpits to preach. Jesus was searching for people. He understood that Jesus had the power to perform miracles.
From there on Peter had the privilege of closely observing the power of God through Jesus. Jesu…