Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Too Familiar

Recently I was diagnosed with a disease by the Great Physician. You may also be familiar with it. The disease – Familiarity. We tend to become too familiar of the things and people around us. The result, life becomes very boring. You don’t learn anything new because you think you already know it. “Familiarity breeds contempt” is a familiar saying. When, you are too familiar with something, you tend to stop appreciating it. The sense of awe fades away. That too when you are familiarity is with Jesus, it’s a great problem. This was the problem of the people who lived in Nazareth. They had this disease of familiarity. They thought they knew Jesus very well. When the news about Jesus was spreading fast “is he not the carpenter?” is what they said. “He made our table and chairs” said one. “He made a beautiful door for us” said another. “He is just a carpenter. We know Jesus very well” was their claim. But they didn’t know him. For them he was just a maker of table and chairs. But in reality he was the Maker of heaven and earth. That’s what familiarity can do to you. It will make you to miss the greatest miracle the World has ever seen – God walking on earth. And because of this familiarity, Jesus couldn’t do great work and reveal himself more to these people. They saw him only as the one who mad e doors and missed that he was door to God. Oh don’t become too familiar with Jesus. Allow him to surprise you. He always surprised his disciples.

When they thought he was a carpenter, He gave them fishing tips.
When they thought they would send the people away, He wanted to feed them.
When they thought he was didn’t care for them in the storm, He commanded the winds and waves to save them.
When they thought he was a rabbi, He ate with sinners.
When they thought he would become their king, he died.
When they thought he was dead, He came back alive.

Jesus always surprised his disciples. And he still does. Our view of Jesus must grow everyday. Let us not settle in. Let him become bigger and greater in your view day by day. Go through the gospels and look for Jesus in a different way. Let your familiarity on Jesus pass away. May you always be fascinated by Jesus.

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