Monday, 28 March 2016

Jesus Appreciates!

We talk about doing great things for God. And most of our talk stays as our talk and never get converted into actions.
A phrase stuck with me today. It’s found in Mark chapter 14.

Two days before Jesus was crucified he was in Bethany having dinner in Simon the Leper’s home. As he was eating, he was interrupted by a lady who broke an expensive jar of perfume and poured it on the head of Jesus. 

Everyone was very harsh with her. They told her she could have done better things with the money.
But Jesus stops their rebukes and says in Verse 8, “She Did What She Could”.  

I have never noticed this phrase all these days. Jesus appreciates her for doing what she could. He doesn’t expect us to do the impossible and unthinkable. That’s his Job. He just expects us to do what we could do. 

Many times we see sick, poor, needy and discouraged people and we think I cannot change their condition. But Jesus expects us to do the things that we could do in the best of our ability and situation. 

Do what you can…. not a tough demand from Jesus…isn’t it? Just do what you can for Jesus.

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