Don't Worry

I was reading Mathew 6th chapter, the last few verses. Jesus was teaching his disciples not to worry. He said worry accomplishes nothing. Three words popped out and said a hello to me from these passages. Faith, Father, and First. Let’s try to understand these Words.

Jesus says that when you worry it’s an indication that your faith level is low. When you don’t trust God, you start to worry. So what do we do to increase our faith? Try these two things.

1. Pray as a father who came to Jesus prayed “Lord, my unbelief! Mark 9:24.

2. Faith comes from hearing the Word of God. Read more of His Word. As you intake more of His Words, your faith begins to increase and you begin to trust him more.

The second word that Jesus uses, is the “Father”. “Your heavenly Father knows that you need them”. He reminds us that we have a Father in Heaven. Our Father is full of love to care for us, full of Wisdom to guide us and full of power to save us. We have a very strong, loving, wise Father in heaven. Whenever you start to worry, remind yourself of our Father.

Thirdly, He uses another word, First. Jesus encourages us to seek First his kingdom. He wants us to put God First in our life. When God is your first in your life, you need not worry.

Rick warren puts it this way. Put God first in your




Schedule or Time


So here is the remedy for worry as Jesus puts it. Three Words, Faith, Father and First. When you have faith in your father, then put Him first in your life and worry will be out of your vocabulary.


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