Sunday, 13 February 2011

Love Test!!

Yesterday I heard Mr.Clement Vedhanayagam speak. He is such an awesome speaker. I am using his sermon as a base for today’s post. Since its valentine’s day you could also test your love. 
 God loves us completely and passionately because he is Love. Love is not just a part of his feeling. He is Love. We can see that as we see Jesus hung on the cross as he took our place. This was demonstrating the fullness of God’s Love. So we know God loves us. But today we are going to check if we love God. We might have said that we love you Lord. Three simple checks will reveal your love for God
1.     Do you hate evil?
Psalms 97: 10 says, let those who love the LORD hate evil. If you say I love the Lord, then check do you really hate evil. You may say, I don’t do evil. But you may cherish evil in your heart. If you really loved the Lord, there will arise anger and hatred toward what is evil.
2.   Do you obey his commandments?
John 14:21 says Whoever has my commands and keeps them is the one who loves me.  If you love a person, you will obey him. It’s very simple as that. When you don’t obey that person, you mean he is not much important to you. When you say you love God, check if your obeying God.
3.   Do you love people?
1 john 4:21 says anyone who loves God must also love their brother and sister. In the previous words it says whoever claims to love God yet hates a brother or sister is a liar. Can it get any clearer than that?
Did you pass the test? Well if you have congrats!! If not, my friend it’s time to realign your life with God Word. Happy Valentine’s Day!! It’s time to celebrate God’s love and to check your love for HIM.


  1. Amazing! This is the true test of Love.

  2. Yes, This really is the test. I think we should remember this daily.

  3. I hate evil when others are doing it..but when it's me..I don't really mind.. simple and profound pointers.. something nice to chew on..thanks for posting..

  4. Thanks Callie for stopping to comment. This helped me a lot and hence i wanted to share. Many a times i don't stick to the basics and this message was timely for me.

  5. I think i need to score more to pass this test. Will do. :-)

  6. Bijin, with HIS help we Can..:)

  7. God's love is selfless. When our love becomes selfless we can become the embodiment of God as God lives in everyone of us.

    Are we intelligent and patient enough to discriminate evil and good? right and wrong?

  8. Thats a good thought. Though we are capable of living a selfless life through God's Strength, am not sure if we are using our intelligence to the fullest. Thanks for reading and commenting...What's your opinion about the question?