Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Using the "Right Words"..

Recently, I had a discussion among a group of friends. They were discussing about how we should pray. To be more precise, they wanted to use the right words in prayer. It was a very “theological” discussion. To some extend I was even trapped. They even told me, I didn’t pray the “Right way” with the “Right words”.
While I was returning home that day, I was almost floating over a flood of thoughts. I had questions that I never had on prayer. I was wondering if ever I could pray the right way. I thought over what was discussed and I felt more terrible. I was trying to count the times when I used the right words. Is there a right way to pray? Are there some right words to pray? With these questions, I opened the door to enter my home. I didn’t know I was opening a door of answers for these questions.
As I opened the door, my two boys crawled towards me in Joy. One stopped half way through and started clapping. Another started to shout in joy. Then they were lifting their hands towards me wanting me to carry them. After that one of them began to cry wanting my touch. The other started holding my leg. Though these are normal things that happen every day, that day it was normal for me.
My imagination took off. What if I didn’t respond to them because they didn’t use the right words? Yes, they smiled, crawled, clapped, shouted, lifted their hands, cried, and held my leg, but they didn’t use the “right words”. I could have argued. I didn’t. Because I knew, this is not about using the right words but it’s just coming to the father. I knew that they sincerely seek me. And that is enough for me.
It began to dawn on me that this same illustration can be applied to prayer too. God is not waiting for us to use the right words, but he just wants us to come to Him. Come to Him, just doing whatever we know. Smiling, crying, clapping, shouting, lifting our hands, and babbling. He understands our language. Our heavenly father answers us because we sincerely seek him and not because we use the right words. If you are praying, you are already using the right way to seek God!!


  1. well said! its easy to get misled. but thank God for his faithfulness in putting us back on track!

  2. And you call this scribbling!!!?? I struggle with this too.. I'm glad that you put things in perspective..

  3. Thanks both of you. HE keeps us on Track and HE gives us the right perspective.