Monday, 23 April 2012

Legal and Successful

God had a plan for Abraham and Sarah. It was a plan that would not only change them but the entire human community for ever. As God seemed to work very slowly, they got impatient. Then, they prepared a plan to fulfill God’s plan. The plan was having a child through Hagar, the slave.
This plan was both legal (in those days) and successful (Hagar gave birth to a son). But still it was not God’s plan for them.

Many a time, we discern God’ will by saying there is nothing wrong with this plan. It’s right to do this. Or we say since this plan is successful, it must be God’s plan.
Though it was legal and successful plan, Abraham and Sarah missed God’s will completely. It is often our ‘legal and successful’ plan that stands in complete opposition of God’s ‘best and perfect’ plan.
What ‘legal and successful’ plan of yours is hindering God’s great plan for you?

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