Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Unoffered Prayers

Before the arrest in garden, Jesus prayed. But its interesting to me that he didn't pray for deliverance when he was arrested or when on cross. It was not a time to pray. It was a time to DO God's will.

There are times in our life when we need to sweat blood in our pray time. But Jesus also had this moments where we expect him to pray for deliverance and he doesn't.

He could have prayed when he was arrested, but he didn't.
He could have prayed that Peter should not be tested, but he didn't.
He could have prayed that Judas would repent, but he didn't.
He could have prayed that John the Baptist be delivered, but he didn't.
He could have prayed, but he didn't sometimes.

I have been thinking of these lately. Unoffered Prayers. What does those teach us about the prayer life of Jesus and about God?

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  1. What is un offered prayer? The thought or desire itself will be known to god...or the thought that a prayer about something should happen itself comes from God . Do you think we need to instruct god what to do? Gratitude itself is enough the rest will be taken care by Him as per His will..This is just my thought!