Saturday, 31 October 2015

Four Words!

It’s the last day in the life of Jesus.  His stay on this little planet that he created is about to end. He was about to finish the work of His Father. But there is a battle going on in his heart. Jesus was extremely sorrowful. The enemy was himself, his own will. 

Jesus is fighting to win the human desire  that we all know very well – avoiding pain and holding on to life. 

His friends are sleeping. He is sweating blood. The struggle is real. If his human desire wins his Father’s plan his lost. We are lost. 

So how does Jesus overcome his human desire?  
Using four words!

Your will be done! (Mathew 26:42)

And as a result Father’s plan won and we won and Jesus won!

The battle is real for us too. We want to fulfill our human desire and hold on to life. But let us follow Jesus and say those four magical words...Your will be done. We may face pain and even lose our life in the process of saying “Yes” to the Father but we would complete our Father’s purpose.

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