Silent Listener? Really?

I have seen this common poster in the dinning room of so many Christian homes. The wording are something like this.

"God is the head of this family.
The unseen guest, the silent listener of every conversation."

The problem is in the gospels, Jesus never is the silent listener in any dinner table conversation. In fact he is the one who is asking the questions. He is the one who is telling some stories. He is the one who is advising the host of how the seating arrangement should be. He is the one who is telling the host who should be invited to the dinner. Just for a sample read the 14th chapter of Luke and see for yourself if Jesus is the silent listener. He seems to be a dangerous guest. He notices even the thoughts of the people when they are eating at sometimes. 

The Jesus of the gospel is a demanding and dangerous guest. He is not a silent listener but a active participant in every conversation of ours. 

When you invite Jesus, remember he will change things in our life and conversations. Jesus is a dangerous guest. 

But we like him to be a silent listener. We prefer him that way. But he is not that way. He disturbs our dinner time, our conversations, our thoughts and out lives. 

Are you still willing to invite this Jesus? 


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