Thursday, 1 September 2016

Dangerous Assumption!

When Jesus was twelve years old, his parents took him to Jerusalem to celebrate the Passover festival. After the celebration was over, Jesus did what any parents of 12 year would not want them to do. He stayed back in Jerusalem without informing his parents. 

They thought he was with the group, so traveled a whole day... (Luke 2:44)

They were assuming Jesus was with them or with their group. They were given the responsibility of taking care of the Son of God but missed him because of their assumption.

Are you assuming that Jesus is with you? Instead of following him are you assuming He is following you? Don’t live with this dangerous assumption.

They travelled a whole day without Jesus. How long have you been travelling without Him? A few days, few months or few years…? 

“Every year” the parents of Jesus went to Jerusalem and came back. (See Luke 2:41, 42). It was a usual thing for them. So they thought, Jesus would do the same, this year too.

As an individual, as a group, as a denomination, as a church have you been assuming Jesus is with you?

Is that your thoughts about your “every year” rituals, meetings, travels and camps? What if Jesus has some different plans this year? Are you going to assume what Jesus is going to do in your life and in your groups or are you going to ask Jesus what the plans are this year?

I don’t want to assume and miss Jesus. I don’t want to travel without Jesus. How about you?

If you have missed him, start looking for Him. Spend somedays days to analyze where you missed him in the journey, ask your group and seek him with all your heart until you find Jesus. (Luke 2:44 -45)

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