It's all about Me - Jesus

And Jesus explained to them what was said about himself in ALL the scriptures, beginning with the Books of Moses and the writings of all the prophets - Luke 24:27

According to Jesus, the whole of the Old Testament was about Him. He encouraged the two discouraged disciples to read the whole testament in the light of his life, death and resurrection.

Every Old Testament story takes a new meaning when you read it through the Jesus lens.
The story of Israel is no longer their story but the story of Jesus.

Today, I read the following story. A woman who had a huge amount of money and who spent half her lifetime touring the sites and art galleries of the world. She toured everywhere. She saw almost every major museum. But she found herself bored and weary.
Then she met a Frenchman who had no money, but who loved art and beauty, and began introducing her once more to the things she had already seen. Suddenly, everything was completely different in his company. When he opened her eyes, she saw things she had totally missed. And the more he taught her how to look at things, the more excited and vibrant she became. She told him, “I never knew what things were like until you taught me how to look at them.”

Old Testament is like that. When we see it in the light of Jesus’ light, everything becomes new.

That's the way Jesus wants us to read it! 


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