Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Remembering The Two Fathers

Today is the birthday of my Daddy. If he is alive he would be 54. He met with an accident 5 years ago. He slipped away on Dec 16th. He was an encourager. Those who had talked to him for a few minutes leave encouraged. I have never seen him sad or dull. Today I remembered him more. My emotions were mixed. On one hand I thank God for his life and we did enjoy his wisdom, wits, jokes, deep spirituality. On the other hand I saw him enduring through suffering, going through pain. His death left a vacuum which could not be filled.I also thought about my Jesus today. And remembered his death. But today we have an empty tomb unlike my fathers. Jesus died and came alive. He lives. His spirit continues to enter the heart and lives of people. The Spirit of Jesus is comforting me today.


  1. Am sorry. But yes, yr dad is home with our big dad.we'll go soon to be there :)

  2. Hi Kingsley,

    your words are true.I felt motivated when I talked to him. I do not have words to express me here. However, he will be there with all.

    Murali SK