Blessed or MORE Blessed!!

Have you noticed how people use the word “blessed”. I have been observing on this for some time. I have been “blessed” with a baby, I am blessed with a good spouse, I am blessed this year because I got a promotion at work, and I am blessed with a job in an MNC. The basic point of all these statements is “I am blessed because I have received something”. Though I am not against this and I agree that all these are blessing from the Lord, this year I am going to strive to be MORE blessed. Do you want to know how? (Thanks for nodding your head, let me continue.) The secret to be MORE blessed is written in Acts 20:35.
“It is MORE blessed to GIVE than to RECEIVE” Acts 20:35 (emphasis mine)
These words were quoted by Apostle Paul and he says that these are the Words of Lord Jesus Himself. I think this is one of the words of Jesus that is not mentioned in the gospels. They are the unwritten saying of our Lord Jesus and Paul quotes them. I think he might have learnt this from the disciples of Jesus. So what does Jesus say? He says “It is MORE blessed to GIVE than to RECEIVE”. This is the simple yet powerful Words of Jesus. You might be blessed by receiving all these years. But this year, let us strive to be MORE blessed by giving more than receiving. Give you love, time, money, resource, talent, appreciation, encouragement, and whatever is possible for you to give and be MORE blessed.
Transform you life from being blessed to being MORE blessed. This month and this year teach your hearts and hands to GIVE than to RECEIVE. Be MORE blessed because these are the words of our Lord Jesus “It is MORE blessed to GIVE than to RECEIVE”
Some Tips to be MORE BLESSED
• Give someone a secret gift and enjoy the Joy on their faces.
• Spend some time with someone who is having a tough time.
• Be generous to appreciate everyone who comes your way.
• Write an email every week to encourage someone.

And you can add to that list.


  1. Ive been thinking abt it too. Ive been receiving so much from God, and its time that I dont be content on being blessed but by being 'more blessed'. Wonderful, thoughtful writeup.

  2. Thank You. Its when we give we become more like our maker.


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