Monday, 14 March 2011

Show Case of His Grace

After I wrote the last post I have been thinking on the other side of Jesus too. So though this may look like contradicting, it’s actually how Jesus is. Both Lion and the Lamb.
As I am just new to this Fatherhood, I am starting to notice things differently. My perspective has been changing. All these days I learnt and experienced from a son’s perspective. Now am beginning to look at the other side “the father’s perspective”. As my sons are beginning to sit and walk, they stumble and fall more often. As a father, I my first response when they fall is to run and pick them in my arms and put them over my shoulder and tell them its OK and its going to alright. I am not at all angry with them when they fall. When they fall, that’s the time that I show my love more to them than all other times. I carry them, hug them, wipe away the tears and shower my love upon them. I don’t whip them. Such imperfect father as me, show greater love when my son falls. Will the perfect heavenly Father whip us when we fall? He definitely shows greater love when we fall. Where sin abound grace abounds much more. I have no doubt on that. At our lowest dark times, our FATHER’s love shines brightest. Our worst times are the Best showcase for His Love and Grace.

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