Monday, 7 March 2011


This is one of my earliest article which i wrote 5 years back. Came across it today and thought i would share this with you all.

Echoes …what are they? They teach us an important lesson in life. Echo, to define it in simple words, is nothing but a reply that repeats what has just been said. Once I had been to a foot of a mountain. It was not my routine to go to a solitary place like that. It was the pressures of life, the heart breaking words, the rejections, the dejections that took me to the bottom of the mountain. As I sat down beneath a tree, tears rolled down my cheek.

As I sat there thinking I was alone and free from all whom I hated, it was not so. All those painful words that were spoken came rushing back to my mind and filled them. Broken totally I just cried out in real pain in a loud voice saying "I hate you" and without missing a beat I got the reply from the mountain "I hate you". Yes it was an echo, an echo of life!!It was then it dawned to my soul that was darkened with hatred and anger that "Whatever you sow you reap" Suddenly a peace filled my heart.

I stood up and started walking back home. Yes I ll face the same persons again, but I was not the same. I was determined to sow the seeds of love, forgiveness, and encouragements.

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