Monday, 23 May 2011

Till I entered the sanctuary of God...

Recently psalms 73 became a reality for me. I started to look around and see people who don’t care about God let alone pleasing Him, become prosperous. I began to envy them. My foot began to slip and I began to lose my foothold. I envied them because they had no struggles, no health problems, no common human burdens, and no negative things in their life. They don’t even think of God in their life and yet they are carefree and accumulate a lot of wealth. I felt that like I was trying live for the Lord in vain. Every morning seems to bring on new punishment on me. When I thought about all these things my heart was troubled. I began to think that all these things, wealth and things of the world is what I needed. It was then I began to read this wonderful psalm, which resonated with my heart so much. These struggles that I mentioned was not only mine but also of the person who wrote this psalm. After penning down all his struggles, the prosperity of the wicked and also calling his walk with the Lord vain, he was troubled till he entered the Sanctuary of the Lord. He thought he needed wealth and prosperity and that’s why he envied the wicked. But as he entered the Presence of the Lord, the most beautiful place in the whole world, look at the change in his words.
“When my heart was grieved
and my spirit embittered, I was senseless and ignorant;
Then he goes on to say this wonderful verse.
Whom have I in heaven but you?
And earth has nothing I desire besides you.
Did you see that? Is this not the same person who wanted the wealth of the wicked? Actually he was troubled because he didn’t get the things that others had. But after spending time in the presence of the Lord, after experiencing God himself, his desire changes and he says Earth has nothing I desire besides YOU. Then I realized, many times in life we think we need this and we need that. But in reality it’s the presence of God we need. It is Him we need. I, like this psalmist, am senseless and ignorant many times. But as I enter his presence, as I experience God, my heart’s desire changes. Today I am beginning to say Earth has nothing I desire besides YOU Lord. May be you are struggling thinking that your needs are not met and may be you are troubled. Why don’t you enter His sanctuary today?


  1. Very true and everyone will realize what they really need in this world when they read this message. :-)

    - bijin

  2. Thanks bijin. Once we start to fix our eyes in the right place, everything will take its own place.

  3. I thank god for the anointing He has given in your writings. I pray let it reach millions. Thanks kitty for the post, interestingly i read the same passage in my quite time today. Wow my heavenly father and my creator longs for me alone.