Thursday, 26 May 2011

Time to Remember!!

Yesterday, I was searching my mobile phone for 2 minutes until I realized I was actually talking on phone. ( I know you would want to stop reading the blog of such a dumb person. Well if you are still there let’s continue) I laughed at my forgetfulness. But sometimes we are not able to laugh at our forgetfulness since it may cost us so much. That too to forget the God will definitely cost you more. The first step in moving away from the Lord is forgetting is love, grace and care and the first step to come back to the Lord is by Remembering him and his goodness. Let me give a few characters from the bible.

In revelation chapter 2, as God was giving remedy to the Ephesus church that has lost its First Love, the first thing that he tells them is to Remember the height from which they have fallen. God wanted to correct their forgetfulness first which would in turn lead to their repentance.

In Luke 15, the prodigal son who lived a wayward life and ended up in pig pen, Remembers his father’s house and how even servants in his father’s house had enough food and then he starts to walk towards his father’s house. The first thing he did was to Remember his father.

In Judges 16, Samson forgot the Lord, his commandments, and in the end lost his anointing. At the final state of his life, he remembered his Good God and called unto Him. His desire for the world and women made him to forget His God.

In the book of Jonah we see Jonah was trying to flee from God (How could he ever think of that. Didn’t he know psalms 139 ) He wanted to forget God and the task that God gave him. But God had other plans. So as he was in the Fish’s belly, in chapter 2 he says “As my life was ebbing away, I Remebered the Lord.” After he remembered he started to pray. As he remembered the Lord, the Lord started to act on his behalf.

So the first step in restoring back you First love for the Lord, restoring your relationship with your heavenly Father, restoring back your strength, and restoring back your Life’s purpose is to REMEMBER YOUR CREATOR.

Remember HIM while your doing Good. Or Atleast remember HIM in pig pen or fish’s belly. But please Remember Him while you are alive. As you Start to Remember Him let the Lord Start to Remember you and Restore you.


  1. Very true. When I keep remembering God, atleast once in every hour, my entire day goes on very well.

  2. Your are right. Let's not forget Him. He never forgets us.