Paul's Prayer Points

Have you ever prayed for someone? What is your prayer for others? What do you pray for yourself? St Paul is one person who prayed much for others and lived in such a way that he could say, “Follow me as I follow the Lord”.
So it’s always good learn from Paul on how to pray for others and also we can pray those prayers for our own selves.

I will just take you to one of Paul’s prayers for people of God.

Read Colossians 1 and verse 9 to 11.

These are his prayer points:

•To be filled with the knowledge of His Will.
•To have a deeper spiritual wisdom and understanding.
•To live a life that pleases Him in every way.
•To grow in the knowledge of God.
•To be strengthened to endure and be patient.
•To be joyfully thankful.

Most of us have a different prayer point list. But it’s good to learn from this great man of God. May this prayer points be our prayer and also prayer for others. Well, you may say, “I don’t desire or feel like praying these things for my life”. Don’t worry. Just start praying these words till it becomes your real desire. That’s because these Words are living and powerful.

Do you know some other prayer points of Paul?


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