Saturday, 3 September 2011

When God Lets You Die...

Recently, I happen to hear a lot of testimonies about how God has delivered them from disease, death and so on. Almost at the end of each testimony I hear them saying, our God lives. I am glad that our God is a deliverer and am Glad that we realize that he is alive when he works miracles in our life.

But there are equal numbers of people who are struggling with unanswered prayers, who are still waiting for their deliverance. Some die with their disease. Does that mean that God is not alive? When our cry for deliverance from the dungeon are not heard, we tend to question him by asking are you really God?

I remember John the Baptist. He was the very first person to identify Jesus and show him to the world. As Jesus came for baptism, John cried, behold the lamb of God. He saw the heavens open, the Holy Spirit descend on Jesus and heard the Father’s voice. If one person who should not have any doubts about Jesus, he was John.

But when he was in the prison cell waiting for his deliverance, he began to doubt. He sent his disciples to Jesus, asking him if He was really the Messiah. God’s silence troubled John. God let him die in prison. Does that mean God is dead?

Have you been praying for something and you have not got the answer? Are you dying in your disease and asking is Jesus alive. When pain pricks and patience end, do you question His existence? When God is silent it’s hard. But does that mean he is dead? NO. So when God lets you die, is he still alive? Yes. One thing I know, that when God doesnot remove our thorns in our flesh, be assured that his grace is sufficient.


  1. I got a question on my mind when I was reading this blog post. I've read in many books that when a person dies, his or her soul goes into an other different body and this process keeps continuing until he or she is liberated or attains Moksha. Is this true? Is there anything related to this in Bible?

  2. @Sandhya: At death, a person's soul goes either to heaven or hell. Moksha (or salvation) needs to be received (not attained) during our lifetime. Moksha can be received by believing in the sacrifice Jesus made on behalf of all of us.

  3. Sorry Sandhya for not responding ...was out of blogging for a long time..Hope Sharon's answer helps..