Praying and Sleeping

In the passage about the storm in the sea, Jesus was sleeping. All others were crying and praying. Jesus did not ask them to pray. He didn’t say you could have prayed better. He just said you must have more faith. After some time, in Gethsemane, Jesus was the one who was crying. But here the disciples were sleeping. In fact Jesus had asked them to watch and pray. May be they learnt from Jesus, from the storm in the sea session. This happens to all. We pray restlessly like the disciples, when we need to sleep trusting God. But, we sleep in rest like the disciples when we need to bleed sweat. Many times we just need to sleep in the storm having the faith that Jesus will see us through. But we fret and worry about life and things of this world. At other times, we must be pleading with the father about the spiritual battles with the spiritual forces. But we are not even aware that such a battle is going on and we sleep through the battle. May God give us the discernment on when to rest and when to fight in prayer.


  1. hi Kingsly,

    It's been a while I stepped in your blog, I was a little caught up... BTW..this is a great post..thought of adding a quote which may not really be in place.."If you sweat in prayer...You can sleep in the storm.If you sleep in prayer..You'll swear in the storm. - Scott Jones"
    Great piece..waiting for more.

  2. Thanks Callie for visiting after a long time :)
    I like the Quote ..thanks..


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