Friday, 2 November 2012

When God Breaks the Code of Love

Recently I got a call informing me that my son was not well. I rushed to the hospital. Because that’s what we do when people we love are sick.
Jesus was informed that his friend Lazarus was ill. Though Jesus loved Lazarus instead of rushing to meet him, Jesus stayed back for 2 more days.
Sometimes God breaks our common code of love.
Sometimes even after we inform Jesus about our situation, he stays back. He breaks our rule of love. What do you do with such situations? What do you do when God is Silent?
Jesus broke the code of love because he wanted Martha and Mary to understand that He was more than a miracle worker. He wanted them to understand that He is the Resurrection and Life.
Sometimes when God doesn’t act the way we imagine, it is because he wants to give us a deeper understanding of Himself.
So when God breaks your common code for love, be encouraged. He might be revealing Himself in a new way. 

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