Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Story of Two Prodigals

In the famous story that Jesus ever told, the prodigal sons (Sons because both needed to come back into the house and to understand the love of the father), i am sometimes the wayward son who landed in the pig pen and at other times i am the religious elder brother working harder to earn the father's love.

I keep shuffling between these sons. May be you too are. One day you may want to leave the father and wander and lose everything and be with the pigs. Some other days, you are the tired, angry elder brother trying to earn your love from the father. But the father loved both the prodigals and invited them to come back home.

Come home sons.

This father lets us go and make our own choice. This father is waiting, running, pleading, and celebrating your return. That's the image of God Jesus gives.

Come home sons.

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