Witness Vs Orators

The problem with today's preachers is that there are so many good orators. They are eloquent, they have a good flow of language and they take the audience captive for 45 minutes to few hours. But they seem to lack power.

One of the reasons Moses gave, when he was called by God, was "I am not Eloquent". Because he thought that to serve God and to speak for God and to convince people of the power and freedom of God he needed to be eloquent.

But God needs people who will simply hear from God and speak the simple yet powerful Truth (Jesus is the Truth).

One of my friend told me that in a court room, all that is needed from a witness is that he will speak the simple truth he has heard and seen. To be a witness my friends, you don't have be eloquent but just hear and see and experience God and say just what he says.

I pray that we would have more powerful witnesses in our pulpit than powerless eloquent orators.


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