Monday, 13 July 2009

Reflect Him

“CALL”. I have heard many Christians talking about call. Are you going to ministry? Do you have a CALL? And this word is often misunderstood. Don’t go without a CALL, they say.
I would like to write on what every one’s CALL is.
Here it is “For God knew his people in advance, and he chose them to become like his Son (JESUS)..” My friend this is you call in life. To be like Jesus. Nothing less. Be a mirror that reflects Jesus. Have a Heart like His. Does you talk and walk reflect Jesus? The mirror in my vehicle didn’t reflect what was behind me. So I had to clean it a bit and adjust it in such a way that it start reflecting the other vehicles behind me. If your life doesn’t reflect Jesus, do what I did to the mirror in my vehicle. Allow God to cleanse your life and adjust your life in such a way that you start to reflect Jesus in all you do. It high time you understand your call. You are called to be like Jesus. Reflect Him!!


  1. Well said! thank you. but there's something called vision.

  2. Thanks! Yes i agree. But this is Every one's Call irrespective of whether they go for full time ministry or not. All are called to be like Jesus.