Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Strong Grip!!

This Sunday, as I was worshiping the lord in the church, God put a picture in my heart.
It was an image of a father holding a child in his arm face towards him.
The child wanted to break free from the fathers grip and so he was screaming and kicking the chest of the father. But the father’s grip was strong and hence the child gave up and the father brought him close to his heart.
God said to me, this is a picture of you and me. Sometimes, though you tried to escape my grip, though you cried and kicked my heart, I never left you. My grip was too strong for you. No one can snatch you from my hands.
Oh what a loving grip and a loving father we have.
He never loosens His Grip on us.


  1. Hey, reminds me of my Uncertainity..http://nebeula.blogspot.com/2009/01/uncertainty.html . Same vision. Similar thoughts!