Tuesday, 22 December 2009

The Master

I would like to introduce some of my very dear friends. Here is the first one. A cool
person!! The Master (Kumfu) He is called the Master for a number of reasons. One : He cooks well and hence is the Cooking Master Two: He is the Kumfu Master cos he goes to GYM :) ( Don't know if regularly) Three: He plays the keyboard and hence the Keyboard Master Four: he dances well so the Choreo Master Five: He send messages and our fellowship updates regularly and hence the Message Master and the reasons goes on...:) He is a very interesting and a lively person. Be with him and time flies. A very down to earth and practical friend. His loud laughter is so contiguous.
He so witty and wise. I can never forget the drive to Singapore ( not the real one but the hotel) most night and those parotta's and beefs. His Choreo with focus lights is unforgettable. He has a special ability to disappear and re appear ( Specially during prayer :)) lol) He is a very good Organizer. He sings well ( Remember kural valam). His special character from the bible is “MOSES”. He fears at using “Parker” pen. He loves animals and his wild dream is to maintain a Zoo ( I think he would be good at it) A very open and frank person and a fun loving one. His mails are funny but be careful you could be the object of fun. He is a song writer too (Remember ___Anbu___Mudiyu) Now, Congratulations to him as he is going to enter a new phase in his life. “Wish you a Happy Married life”

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