Monday, 21 December 2009

God's plan

Its Christmas Season! You might know that from my new BG. How does it look? Thanks for saying its good. ( I heard you:).
For most of us Christmas is a time of planning and executing. Churches plan their programs. People plan their travel. Youngsters plan their celebrations. Kids plan on what gifts they need. People start to plan as if they are breathing. Effortlessly!! Mary too started planning. She had been engaged to Joseph. Mary had her great dreams and plans for her wedding as any engaged virgin would have. She made a list and wrote down on whom she should invite for the wedding. She chose the color of dress she should wear. The ear rings and the bangles. The special menu for the wedding. The special gift for Joseph. She really had some beautiful plans and her planning list was a long list. But all of a sudden, her plan came to a sudden halt by God who had different plans for her life. Mary was going to have a baby before marriage. Mary feared but the angels told she was favored. She didn't understand all of God's plan. From human perspective God's plan would only bring shame to her and it might even kill her. But the best thing was Mary accepted God's plan for her life and it brought LIFE into the World. Though she had so many plans for he r life, when God intervened, She accepted God's Plan for her life, thought she didn't understand. This is the message of the first Christmas. Not our plans, but God's plan. This Christmas lets lay aside our plans for our life and ask God What's His plan for our life. It may not be easy. But Trust Him, because His plans are always the Best plans. Because she accepted God's plan, she brought blessing to all generations. Your acceptance of God's plan can do the same.

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