Tuesday, 22 December 2009

A Day at College (Remembering old memories)

Wake up
Look at your watch
Mull whether you should have a shower
Skip breakfast
Have some coffee instead
Try really waking up (After the coffee)
Steal some hot water for bathing
Get ready
Searching for my friend who gives me a lift in his break less cycle
Meet my friend who has a mouth full of bread as we leave the hostel
Get to college just on time early (Feel very proud about it)
Then realize I have forgot my notebook classroom
Rush back to hostel
Then, Run to the classroom
Reach 10 mins late
Sit down on the penultimate bench (Hoping you won't get called to answer anything in class)
Feel very tired after all the running
Sleep for the first half hour
Wake up because someone is standing near you
Realize that the staff is telling you that tomorrow is the last date for submission
You wonder which assignment the teacher is talking about
You confirm you doubts with the one sitting next you who confirms it with the next one
Realize that you have SO much to do
Feel battered and depressed (But you motivate yourself saying “ I can DO IT!")
Find out who else haven't started and fix a time to work together.
Lunch time - Go back to hostel
Plan a short nap
But it becomes a long one
Run back to college
Since its already late, change your mind and run to the canteen and eat a chicken roll
While eating, ponder and fret about the submission and decide to stay up all night doing it
Go for the next class
Sleep through it
Don't learn anything new
Go to the Library to collect some books for the assignment
Feel dejected cause most of the books are gone (Others have already finished and the books are with them)
Walk out feeling very worried
See your friends standing outside
Meet and greet
Talk for more than an hour
They ask you to join them for some shopping
You think about it for a second and then join them
You come back from the shopping late a
The fear of doing your assignment gets the upper hand
But after roaming for some time you feel so tired
You go have a shower
Now you are sleepy
Decide to get some sleep and wake up early and do the assignment
Can't sleep because you're stressing
Get onto google to find information
End up reading and replying to mails
It's already dawn!
Start writing essay
Do a good job (At least you think you have)
Search for staplers from room to room
Submit assignment
Feel relived
Go to class
Wake up by the news of another assignment!!


  1. good one buddy....

    First thing i did was, ctrl+f and typed ranga :)

  2. Thanks...may be i can dedicate a post for you..:)

  3. you are missing one more friend "Mr. Prabhu", all were the same :D

    There was only one BLACK SHEEP in your room... B-)

  4. Simply Amazing Kings :)

  5. @ Shanthosh very true We all were the same except for one!! SV
    @priscilla ...Thanks