Thursday, 17 December 2009

Been Thinking!!

How should we pray?
Today it was raining while i was coming to office. I forgot my rain coat. So i thought i will pray that rain stops. So i prayed. But the rain didnt stop. It was then i had this Strikingly odd or unusual thought.
I had this thought on how should i pray. Should i talk to Jesus (as the diciples did when they were in the boat) or Should i talk like Jesus, commad the winds and the waves to stop. Should i talk to God or Should i talk to the situation using the authority. I didnt figure it out. Still thinking about it. Any suggestions.


  1. if u hav extraordinary power means....command..... else talk to god....but its al nature events.... even god cant do anythin....

  2. Imagine the situation of God-if a person prays God to stop the rain, whereas another person prays that it should shower heavily what will He do then? Seasons are God's gift. We should enjoy accordingly.. so next time better enjoy the shower of rain. :-)

  3. Jesus has given us the authority. But we need to use it wisely. Like Kavitha said, one man's food, is another man's poison.

    It's better to pray, TO God, LIKE Jesus. Surrendering to His will. 'Take this cup away, but not my will but yours be done.'