All Knowing God!!

God is omniscient. He is all knowing. Nothing can be hidden from his eyes. He knows our thought and he knows the word before it comes to our tongue. Now, having such a God, I sometimes wonder do I have to tell him all that’s happening in my life. Doesn’t he already know it? Do I have to confess my sins? Has he not already seen what I did? So what it is the point in confessing to God. Does it increase His knowledge about us? No. But it does increase our knowledge about ourselves. When we confess we really see our real self as God sees. Only by God’s help we can confess. As we confess we start to see our sins and weakness and claim that we are helpless and also that we need God’s help. So Confession I must confess is mainly for us to realize us than to letting an all knowing God to know about ourselves.
Any Confession about your Confessions lately?


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