Wednesday, 20 October 2010


Recently my sons started sitting all by themselves. So we as parents became so proud of them. We called their grandparents (Our Parents) to tell them that the little boys don’t depend on us for sitting anymore. We were filled with joy and with pride. There will be more and more such moments in our lives when our sons will start doing things on their own. They will start to stand, walk, run, learn, eat, and do so many other things on their own, becoming less dependent on us. We call is growth. As children grow, parents expect them to more independent. Most of the parents are proud like us.
But spiritually the process is reversed. Spiritual growth is measured on how much we depend on the Heavenly Father. As soon as we are born again, we learn to depend on God and as days goes by we learn more and more to depend on God. A person who had walked with the Lord for 40 years depends on God more than a person who has walked with the Lord for 4 years. We call this spiritual growth.
Jesus was the most spiritually mature person the world has ever seen. He was completely dependent on His Father and his each and every move and his words were from God. The more we depend the more we grow. The more we grow the more we depend.
Is it easy to depend on God in this society where dependence is seen as weakness most of the time?

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