Why Write??

Sometimes it’s just so discouraging to know that there is only one or two who read your blog. So at times I have thought to quit writing. Recently I was encouraged through the character of Dr.Luke. He is one of the writers of the bible. He has written a couple of books in bible. Luke and Acts. And what stuck me was he wrote both these books not thinking that it must get in to the Bible or the Best Seller List. He just wrote to one person, Theophilus. And to write to one person, he didn’t just give a rough scribbling. He took pains to write and also did research before he wrote. Look at what he says “since I(Luke) myself have carefully investigated everything from the beginning, it seemed good also to me to write an orderly account for you, most excellent Theophilus”. He put all of his mind, soul and heart to write to just one person. And Luke, of all the gospel writers gives more details about each incident. The timings, the dates are so specific in his writings. He could have said, why do I have to take such pains when only one is going to read my book. But he didn’t say it. Thank God he didn’t say it and we have got two beautiful books. But any work that is sincerely done, God honors. God used his two books to be a part of His great BOOK. Today it’s read by millions through all centuries. So my word to any blogger or writer: Let us keep writing putting our heart and soul. God will use them in ways we don’t understand and imagine. It may be a letter or a small write-up or an article for the church magazine. So Write and Let God Use Them.


  1. Keep writting Kinsly. U r a Blessing !!!

  2. that's a very nice way to look at it..have not thought of it this way at all..

  3. Thanks Callie!! It really motivated me to write sincerely.

  4. Hello brother,
    I had a chance to visit your blog and read your posts. Your posts are nice and some posts made me to cry and find who am i in the world of our father. Your words have the power of healing and made the soul to think about the lord. You are blessed with nice thoughts. Keep going brother. God bless u....


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