Wednesday, 23 November 2011

A Message from a Distance……….

It has been 9 years since my father passed away in an accident. A few days after my dad passed away, my mom received this poem. It was as if my dad had written this to my mom and us. Still we do not know who had given this to my mom. But it brought us great comfort and reminded us of the task at hand. Today I happened to see it again. I would like to share it with you.

A message from a distance……….

Dear Deepa and Children,

I am home to heaven dear ones,
Oh! So happy and so bright,
There is perfect joy and beauty,
In this everlasting light.

All the pains and grief is over,
Even restless tossing passed,
I am now at peace for ever,
Safely home in heaven at last.

Did you wonder I so calmly,
Trod the valley of the shade?
Oh! But Jesus love illuminated,
Every dark and fearful glade.

And he came himself to meet me,
In that way so hard to tread,
And with Jesus arm to lean on,
Could I have one doubt or tread?

There is work still waiting for you,
So you must not idly stand,
Do it now while life remains,
You shall rest in Jesus hands.

When that work is all completed,
He will gently call you home,
Oh! The rapture of the meeting,
Oh! The joy to see you come.

With Love,

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  1. Wow!! A wonderful reminder of what we are living for - the future glory!