Thursday, 24 November 2011

Is Worry Your Greatest Worry?

As people who follow Christ, we are expected to produce fruits as the seeds of his words are sown into our life. But many lives are fruitless.
One of the reasons that Christ states in the parable of a Soil, is worry. In Mark 4: 19 he states that Very soon the message is crowded by worries of this life …and so no fruit is produced. Worry chokes us and keeps us from producing that great harvest that God has in mind for us.

In Mathew 6, Jesus talks about worry and how to solve it. He says that worrying about this life here on earth is the thought that dominates the life of an unbeliever. (Mt 6:32)

Is worry your greatest worry? Jesus tells a few remedies for worry, which if we remember would end our fruitless life.

1.    Look at the birds (Pl go look at it) (Mt 6:26)
2.    Look at the flower(should I say it again)(Mt 6:28)
3.    You are more valuable to Him. (Mt 6:26)
4.    He will certainly care for you. (Mt 6:30)
5.    You have a Father in heaven who knows all your need. (Mt 6:32)
6.    Seek his kingdom (Mt 6:33)
7.    Live righteously (Mt 6:33)


  1. Nice. I will surely write those remedies in my personal diary! :)

  2. Nice guidelines to follow.........