Saturday, 26 November 2011

Sandwitch Christian

My past two weeks has been hectic than usual. And over this period, I have developed a new pattern of living. I start of my day with God. And then I get busy with my work and all the tasks I have to complete. Then finally as I lay tired in my bed I finish my day with God. Though I started my day and ended my day with God, I knew this pattern of God sandwich would not work well.
During the busy day I forget to be attentive to the gentle voice of God. I don’t want to continue with this pattern.
My first step in breaking this pattern is to acknowledge that I am living this sandwich Christianity through this blog post.  
The second thing is I have decided to take five minutes off every one hour and thank the Lord for way things are going and listen to him as he speaks.
Hopefully I would allow God to penetrate my stuff and have His way through my Day.


  1. So true that we become 'sandwich Christians' especially on hectic days, when we actually need to 'withdraw' (Luke 5:16) more often to listen to Him.

  2. yes He is our role model. Thanks for dropping in..:)