Monday, 8 June 2015

Misunderstood Jesus

Hello to everyone (if there still is anyone) who is aware of this blog after all this time! I apologize for leaving so suddenly.

Someone told me that it only takes one person to keep hope alive in others, and that is the greatest thing I could accomplish. So i want to affect that one person and keep their hopes alive.

When Jesus walked this earth, people often misunderstood his words. When he died on the cross, no one, not even his close disciples realized that he was dying for their sins. He died as the most misunderstood person.

Recently, i have noticed everyone seems to know Jesus. But some how Jesus remains that most misunderstood person.

We need people who would strive to understand Jesus. We need people whose only purpose in life would be stay with Jesus and listen to him and understand him.

As i read the gospels, i find that the words of Jesus shocking and confusing at times. His stories are hanging without end. His questions were his answers.

I think its time to stop pretending that we know this Jesus in and out and get back to his words with fresh eyes.

By understanding Jesus, you would understand life for He is Life.

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