Monday, 28 February 2011

Ready to Answer Some one's Prayer??

I have previously written that the reason for some unanswered prayers may be because God is Solving Bigger Problems. Another major reason for unanswered prayers is Man. Throughout history God has been answering people’s prayer through people. We see this pattern throughout the Scriptures.

Joseph was the answer to the hunger problem that was about to destroy people. Israelites cried out from the slavery of Egypt and God answered them by giving them Moses. Throughout the book of Judges when people cried to God, God raised a Man or Women to solve their problem. When Ruth was helpless in a new country it was Boaz whom God used to give a hope. When Goliath was roaring and Israelites were hiding, it was David who became the answer of God. Jesus himself became a Man and thus became the answer to the humanity’s greatest question, the question of Sin. And the list continues.

I am just saying that every human being can be the answer to someone’s prayer. For the person living in the roadside and praying for his hunger to end, you can answer him by providing food. May be a next door neighbor needs some money and he has been praying to God. You can be the answer by sharing some of your. A fatherless needs some love, why don’t you be the answer by sharing your love. The reason why people have many unanswered prayers is that we as human beings are not ready to be God’s answers. We shut our eyes, hearts and home and hence people live with unanswered prayers. Instead of being the answer, our life only creates more questions about God’s love. Many times we blame God for the hunger problem, the slavery problem, and the other Goliaths of our times. But I should be blamed for the unanswered prayers because I don’t do what I can and should do.

Be the answer for somebody today. Encourage them, provide food, pay their fees, love them, and do whatever is possible for others. When we realize that we are the answers, people will realize God answers prayers. How are you going to be God’s Answers this week?


  1. Very thoughtful blog entry. Everyday, almost everyone is fighting a harder battle in some way or the other. So from this week, I will be the God's answers by being kind to everyone I meet (be it friends, relatives or even complete strangers).

  2. Thanks Sandhya ...And am happy that you have taken a step to be God's Answer..Lets look for opportunities to be God's answers.

  3. Please split this entry into a couple of paragraphs, finding it difficult to read.. hope you don't mind..

  4. "But I should be blamed for the unanswered prayers because I don’t do what I can and should do."...that hurt..that's true

  5. Ya it hurts, buts such hurts can bring healing..